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Our boundaries in Norwood go along Bainbridge Ave, 204th St, Webster Ave, and Bedford Park Boulevard. View our interactive area map here >>

More than 73,624 residents from diverse ethnic backgrounds call Norwood home. Norwood’s convenient access to transit and affordable housing make it a destination for newcomers and long-term New Yorkers. About 66% of residents identify as Hispanic or Latino, and 40% of Norwood residents were born outside of the United States, demonstrating the area’s long-standing tradition of supporting immigrant and foreign-born communities.

This diversity can be seen in the types of stores that we have lining these commercial corridors and we want to continue to make our storefronts a representation of the culture that can be found in this neighborhood. Working with Community Board 7, elected officials, stakeholders, longstanding institutions, and the community as a whole we believe we can improve the shop ability of this neighborhood.

Area History

The rich history of the Norwood community is illustrated by distinctive architecture, long-standing community organizations, and stories of immigration and resettlement. Although now largely known as Norwood, this area went through a series of name changes throughout the turn of the century. At the time of the Civil War, the area was Westchester County farmland, first referred to as “North Woods” and then morphing into “Norwood Heights” as it turned into a suburban county. With the arrival of Irish immigrants, the community became known as “Little Belfast,” and the neighborhood served as a refuge for Irish immigrants in the late 20th century. Although traces of “Little Belfast” can still be found along Bainbridge Avenue, today Norwood is home to growing Latino, Bangladeshi, and Albanian communities.

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The Merchants Association exists to improve the general quality of life of their members and businesses within the boundaries of a particular commercial corridor. They are focused on maintaining and enhancing the shopping district by providing marketing/promotional campaigns, merchant meetings, security and beautification projects that will lead to increased foot traffic in that area. The Associations seek to improve the business conditions of all of their members, and to help all of our small businesses achieve success.

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Future Opportunities

In 2011, the Webster Avenue/Bedford Park/Norwood rezoning was adopted, allowing for increased density and development along the Webster Avenue commercial corridor. Included in this rezoning was a commitment to promoting inclusionary housing practices within the Norwood community to ensure improved access to affordable housing. More recently, merchants from both the Bainbridge Avenue/204th Street and Webster Avenue segments of Norwood’s commercial corridor consolidated their organizing efforts to better represent, serve, and advocate for the corridor as a unified whole. These, along with other area investments, assists in the continued development of this major thoroughfare in the Bronx.

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released in December 2019:

Norwood & Bedford Park commercial district needs assessment

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